In the news

Was great to have my exhibition publicised in the local papers this week! If you would like to see the exhibition at Westacre Theatre it will be running until the 22nd of November, it can be viewed at show times or call on 01760755800 to arrange a viewing.

Exhibition Update

It was nearly a week ago that my exhibition at Westacre Theatre opened, the private view was really successful selling nearly 1/2 of the prints. The exhibition is open until the 22nd of November, if you would like a viewing please contact me for details. 

My fist Solo Exhibition

On the 20th of October my first solo exhibition will be opened with a private view. The show will run from the 22nd of October until the 22nd of November, running at the Westacre Theatre, Norfolk. (

The show will feature a range of images from across Britain including Puffins, Owls and Hares, some of my favourite subjects to photograph. Other than wildlife there will also be a selection of landscapes from Norfolk and Cornwall. In addition to British work there will be a range of images from my latest trip to the Red Sea. 

It is very exciting to have a solo exhibition, featuring over 40 framed prints, a lot of work but hopefully it will be well received. 

If you are interested in attending please contact me for further details.